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In order to meet the needs of our clients, Servicios Maritimos e Inspecciones S.A. (SEMINSA) is specialized in inspection services, hydrostatic pressure testing, carbon dioxide (CO2) cylinder filling, dry chemical powder, foam and breathable compressed air, all of these performed by our specialized team under the most strict national and international standards.

Cylinder Visual InspectionHydrostatic Testing Cylinder washing, drying and fillingMaintenance of fixed Carbon Dioxide SystemsTesting And Inspection Immersions SuitLifejacket InspectionInspection of Breathing Devices & EEBDApplication of Fire Protection SystemsAir Quality Testing
Cylinder Visual Inspection
Committed to safety first, we keep our personnel duly up-dated on the latest guidelines of the governmental standards of each country and maritime authorities, and at the same time, trained to be able to provide immediate response to our clients during the equipment inspection, ensuring the adequate protection at all times and especially during adverse circumstances.
We have the latest technological equipment to provide the Cylinder Visual Inspection service, used to store extinguishing agents and breathable compressed air applied to carbon dioxide (CO2), dry chemical powder, medical oxygen and foam.

Based on the regulatory bodies, we can provide monthly or yearly inspection services, in order to prevent any unexpected event that may affect your safety.

Hydrostatic Testing
Our personnel is highly qualified and has a vast experience in the management of the equipment to perform the hydrostatic testing to the high and low pressure cylinder storage as compress air, carbon dioxide (CO2), among others.
Our main purpose in performing these tests, is to determine that the cylinders can be used safely and that meet with the regulations, standards and guidelines of the manufacturer’s product.

Cylinder washing, drying and filling
In view that the refill of compress air or extinguisher to the equipment is one of our services listed in our services list, we are able to comply with this need since the content or charge is the main part of an equipment to be used, and for this we have the experience and the necessary equipment to meet with the procedures for inspection and maintenance of this equipment.
We have in our stock the necessary supplies to meet the different needs of all our clients in all parts of the world, when refilling their equipment.

Maintenance of fixed Carbon Dioxide Systems
Our trained team of technicians can inspect and advice on the handle of your Fixed Carbon Dioxide System before, during or after the inspection of the system, due to the fact that we are committed to protect the clients we serve, as safety body.
We have the necessary equipment to perform the system inspection, either through the weighing by hand method or through ultrasonic liquid level.
We are also prepared for the recertification of the system through the hydrostatic testing and refilling of the cylinders.
In addition, if it is necessary to install a new system, we can also give you our advice and install the equipment, and thus have the appropriate protection.

Testing And Inspection Immersions Suit
We are specialized in testing and inspection of immersion suits, as we have been trained, certified and have the technical knowledge to carry out the necessary maintenance to provide to our clients the protection they deserve, by maintaining their equipment in good operating conditions at all times.
These inspections are conducted based on the international regulations such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO), standards to flags and guidelines from manufacturers.

Lifejacket Inspection
Our priority is your safety, and for this reason we are committed to inspect each lifejacket device, ensuring your safety and protection. We count with experts on this field, and spare parts that support our inspections in a reliable way.
We are provided with a supply of new trusted brands lifejackets, which are duly approved by SOLAS, among other regulatory bodies of the maritime industry.

Inspection of Breathing Devices & EEBD
Due to the fact that breathing devices are used in the most critical situations of an emergency, they must be inspected by a highly specialized personnel, with sense of security, that can provide a solution and maintain this equipment in the best operating conditions.
In SEMINSA, we have qualified and committed to safety personnel, while we count on with spare parts and new equipment that meets with the highest standards to preserve the life at the sea.

Application of Fire Protection Systems
We offer inspection and maintenance services to different fire protection systems, such as: Water Mist, Foam System, Dry Chemical System, Galley, FM 200. Our technicians are highly qualified and up-dated with the standards of the governmental and maritime authorities, and at the same time have a vast experience in the handling of this equipment and products that need the inspection and certification for their own performance, in order to meet emergency needs at any given time and thus ensure the safety of operations and prevent disasters on board.
These inspections are conducted under the guidance of regulations governing the safety guidelines at the sea.

Air Quality Testing
The air quality generated by a compressor is of vital importance, as the life of users of the equipment containing this compressed air will depend of it, when a situation of emergency is faced.
This is why, as we are committed to safety, our interest is to keep your equipment in the most optimum conditions, and for this, we have the latest technology with which we can count on with to perform the air quality testing, taking the sample either from a compress air cylinder taken to land or directly from a compressor on board of the ship, obtaining the test results in the location, without the need to take the results of the test performed to a laboratory, making a quick verification and ensuring an accurate result of measurement and providing information on the contamination level in a few minutes.
The system implementation of the testing system ensures the reliability of the tests in accordance with the purifying standards.