Air Quality Testing

The air quality generated by a compressor is of vital importance, as the life of users of the equipment containing this compressed air will depend of it, when a situation of emergency is faced.

This is why, as we are committed to safety, our interest is to keep your equipment in the most optimum conditions, and for this, we have the latest technology with which we can count on with to perform the air quality testing, taking the sample either from a compress air cylinder taken to land or directly from a compressor on board of the ship, obtaining the test results in the location, without the need to take the results of the test performed to a laboratory, making a quick verification and ensuring an accurate result of measurement and providing information on the contamination level in a few minutes.

The system implementation of the testing system ensures the reliability of the tests in accordance with the purifying standards.

In addition, if it is necessary to install a new system, we can also give you our advice and install the equipment, and thus have the appropriate protection.